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Barber Turbine Compressor

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  1. Wireless with built-in battery.
  2. Three levels mode for maximum control
  3. Powerful turbine technology for effective hair removal
  4. Extremely compact design for convenient handling
  5. USB-C port for convenient charging and flexibility
  6. Can be operated for up to 60 minutes at a time, only takes 90 minutes to fully charge.

The compact turbine compressor Johny Jet 1.0-your versatile companion for the professional barber world.

Experience the freedom of wireless flexibility with the Johny Jet 1.0. No longer tied to electrical outlets, thanks to the built-in battery, you can efficiently clean and rid your workstation, tools, clipper and even the floor of annoying hair. FORGET THE BEHINDER HAIL OF HAIR WITH YOUR FOEN!

The Johny Jet 1.0 offers you three levels of mode for maximum control and versatility. Choose the optimal speed and pressure for each application, be it removing hair or cleaning your work surface. He makes a whopping 110,000 revolutions PRO MINUTE.

With its powerful turbine technology, the Johny Jet 1.0 ensures effective and quick hair removal. It is much stronger, more compact and more effective than a conventional hair dryer and thus the best alternative on the market for a conventional compressor. You get five different essays:
Clipper cleaner, station cleaner, hair remover on customer, floor and mat attachment.

The extremely compact design of the JohnyJet 1.0 makes it a handy and space-saving tool. Take him anywhere and do your tasks with ease. The USB-C port enables convenient charging, so that you are always ready to let your creativity run free.

Discover the future of Barber accessories with the Johny Jet 1.0 compact turbine compressor. It's quieter, smaller, more compact and less expensive than traditional compressors, yet it gives you top-notch performance.



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