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Barber cape

Are you looking for a cool and unusual hairdresser cape? Have you always wanted to surprise your customers with barber capes in bright colors and with your logo? At John Barber, we offer you a large selection of modern and stylish hair cutting capes.

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Salejohnbarbersons Umhang mit deinem Logojohnbarbersons Umhang mit deinem Logo
Cape with your logo offerFrom €49,90
Salejohnbarbersons Umhang  ohne Logojohnbarbersons 1 / Schwarz / Metallhaken Verschluss Umhang  ohne Logo
Cape without logo offerFrom €25,90
John Barber & Sons Social Cape UmhangJohn Barber & Sons Social Cape Umhang
Social Cape Cloak offerFrom €89,90

Is a barber cape even important?

Many hairdressers underestimate how important the cape is for many customers. Although they are used every day, they should look professional, clean and smell fresh. They should also feel good to wear with a soft material - so much for functionality. Tired of boring barber capes? Then you'll find a large selection of capes at John Barber that are anything but ordinary and are suitable for men and women. We offer you a collection of colors, patterns and sizes online. Would you like to buy a hairdresser cape online? Then take a look at the range in our store and let our creative products convince you.

friseur umhang barber cape barer shop

Colorful hairdresser cape with your logo

Would you like to buy cheap hairdressing capes online, but haven't found a suitable offer with a high quality yet? Then you're sure to find what you're looking for here. In the John Barber online store, we offer hairdresser and barber capes in various colors extra for your personal style. These include black, white, purple, pink, gray and dark blue. In addition to the single-colored models, you will also find brown and white and black and white striped hairdresser and barber capes. They are available with a metal hook fastener as well as a silicone collar with buttons. Another service awaits you when you order: We will print your logo on your barber cape. Simply upload the file and we'll take care of the rest.

friseur umhang barber cape barer shop

We personalize your cape with your social media presence

Want to discover something special? We have another service in store for you: we can print your hairdressing cape with your social media profile. You can have us embroider your name and profile picture including a possible blue tick (half profile). You can also have the number of your posts and followers embroidered on the hairdresser or barber apron (full profile). This will encourage your customers to follow you and make your brand and barber shop even better known. We can also embroider the cape with a QR code or a CWYC scan that leads to your profile. You also have a choice of different colors and designs for the cape.

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