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Barber chairs

To offer your customers the best possible service, you need the perfect barber chairs. Your customers will feel comfortable in them and really enjoy their treatment with you. Are you looking for an affordable barber chair? Take a look at the John Barber range and find barber chairs for your store!

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59 Products

johnbarbersons PPLR_HIDDEN_PRODUCT Imperialjohnbarbersons PPLR_HIDDEN_PRODUCT Imperial
Imperial offerFrom €1.589,00
johnbarbersons New School Braunjohnbarbersons New School Braun
New School Brown offerFrom €989,00
johnbarbersons Superlativejohnbarbersons Superlative
Superlative offerFrom €1.789,00
johnbarbersons After 8 Barber Chair Herren Friseurstuhljohnbarbersons After 8 Barber Chair Herren Friseurstuhl
johnbarbersons Chester Ovaljohnbarbersons Chester Oval
Chester Oval offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Dreamsjohnbarbersons Dreams
Dreams offerFrom €1.589,00
johnbarbersons Felixjohnbarbersons Felix
Felix offerFrom €1.589,00
johnbarbersons New School Blackjohnbarbersons New School Black
New School Black offerFrom €989,00
johnbarbersons Muséejohnbarbersons Musée
Museum offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Le Meilleurjohnbarbersons Le Meilleur
The best offerFrom €1.589,00
johnbarbersons Ol Townjohnbarbersons Ol Town
Ol Town offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Double Chocjohnbarbersons Double Choc
Double Choc offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Golden Memojohnbarbersons Golden Memo
Golden Memo offerFrom €1.589,00
johnbarbersons New School Greyjohnbarbersons New School Grey
New School Grey offerFrom €989,00
johnbarbersons Fly Blackjohnbarbersons Fly Black
Fly Black offerFrom €1.789,00
johnbarbersons Greysterjohnbarbersons Greyster
Greyster offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Le Grandjohnbarbersons Le Grand
Le Grand offerFrom €1.589,00
johnbarbersons Monaco Vintagejohnbarbersons Monaco Vintage
Monaco Vintage offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Fly Whitejohnbarbersons Fly White
Fly White offerFrom €1.789,00
johnbarbersons Tesorojohnbarbersons Tesoro
Tesoro offerFrom €1.789,00
johnbarbersons Hamptonsjohnbarbersons Hamptons
Hamptons offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Chairs BoB Matt Schwarzjohnbarbersons Chairs BoB Matt Schwarz
BoB Matte Black offerFrom €1.589,00
johnbarbersons Mythologyjohnbarbersons Mythology
Mythology offerFrom €1.789,00
johnbarbersons Le Reinejohnbarbersons Le Reine
Le Reine offerFrom €1.589,00
johnbarbersons Jeromejohnbarbersons Jerome
Jerome offerFrom €1.589,00
johnbarbersons Monaco Vintage Redjohnbarbersons Monaco Vintage Red
Monaco Vintage Red offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Fly Redjohnbarbersons Fly Red
Fly Red offerFrom €1.789,00
johnbarbersons Ripped Guardian Whitejohnbarbersons Ripped Guardian White
Ripped Guardian White offerFrom €989,00
johnbarbersons Retoria Gentle Blackjohnbarbersons Retoria Gentle Black
Retoria Gentle Black offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Woodistjohnbarbersons Woodist
Woodist offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Retroria Barber Stuhl Barber Chairjohnbarbersons Retroria Barber Stuhl Barber Chair
johnbarbersons Eye Candyjohnbarbersons Eye Candy
Eye Candy offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons The Ovaljohnbarbersons The Oval
The Oval offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Rozayjohnbarbersons Rozay
Rozay offerFrom €1.789,00
johnbarbersons Giani Nostalgy Herren Friseurstuhl Barbier Stuhljohnbarbersons Giani Nostalgy Herren Friseurstuhl Barbier Stuhl
johnbarbersons Furiojohnbarbersons Furio
Furio offerFrom €1.789,00
johnbarbersons Chercheurjohnbarbersons Chercheur
Chercheur offerFrom €1.589,00
johnbarbersons Mythology Blackjohnbarbersons Mythology Black
Mythology Black offerFrom €1.789,00
johnbarbersons Monaco 80’s Creamjohnbarbersons Monaco 80’s Cream
Monaco 80’s Cream offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Sherlockjohnbarbersons Sherlock
Sherlock offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Strawberry Cheesecake Barber Stuhl Herrenjohnbarbersons Strawberry Cheesecake Barber Stuhl Herren
johnbarbersons Retoria Blue Skyjohnbarbersons Retoria Blue Sky
Retoria Blue Sky offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Chairs Lemon Blendjohnbarbersons Chairs Lemon Blend
Lemon Blend offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Chairs Retroria Graujohnbarbersons Chairs Retroria Grau
Retroria Grey offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Monaco Mirage Green Herren Vintage Friseurstuhljohnbarbersons Monaco Mirage Green Herren Vintage Friseurstuhl
johnbarbersons Cerisejohnbarbersons Cerise
Cerise offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Chairs Retroria Braunjohnbarbersons Chairs Retroria Braun
Retroria Brown offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Tesoro Copperjohnbarbersons Tesoro Copper
Tesoro Copper offerFrom €1.789,00
johnbarbersons Awrasjohnbarbersons Awras
Awras offerFrom €1.789,00
johnbarbersons Icejohnbarbersons Ice
Ice offerFrom €1.489,00
johnbarbersons Oh Blacky Barberstuhl Barbier Chairjohnbarbersons Oh Blacky Barberstuhl Barbier Chair
johnbarbersons Ripped Guardian Barberstuhl Barber Chairjohnbarbersons Ripped Guardian Barberstuhl Barber Chair
johnbarbersons New School Whitejohnbarbersons New School White
New School White offerFrom €989,00
johnbarbersons The Lost Tiffany - LIMITED EDITIONjohnbarbersons The Lost Tiffany - LIMITED EDITION
John Barber & Sons Premium New School BlackJohn Barber & Sons Premium New School Black
Premium New School Black offerFrom €1.439,00
John Barber & Sons Premium New School GrauJohn Barber & Sons Premium New School Grau
Premium New School Gray offerFrom €1.439,00
John Barber & Sons Premium New School WeissJohn Barber & Sons Premium New School Weiss
Premium New School White offerFrom €1.439,00
johnbarbersons New School TÜRKIS Sondereditionjohnbarbersons New School TÜRKIS Sonderedition
Ripped Guardian GrayRipped Guardian Gray
Ripped Guardian Gray offerFrom €989,00

Our passion for modern barber chairs

There is probably no brand in the world that has more love for its products and high-quality salon furnishings than we do. All barbershop chairs from John Barber are unique: each chair has its own character and tells its own story. Every barber is different, every artist loves art in their own way. That's why you can buy barber chairs from us that are as individual as you are. We offer you a wide selection of modern and traditional barber chairs that you will love to work on and are built to last. Of course, we have also thought about your clients: they will feel completely comfortable on the chairs.

friseurstuhl barber stuhl barber chair

Barber chairs in different colors & styles

Do you like it classic? Or are aesthetics particularly important to you in your barber shop? At John Barber, you have a free choice of professional barber chairs that are sure to fit in with your business. It starts with the style of our chairs: we offer classic models that are kept rather simple. We also have vintage models that are reminiscent of the good old days. You can also buy hairdressing chairs from John Barber. Once you have decided on a model, there is another difficult decision to make: what color should your barber chair be? Our color selection for the chairs includes red, gray, black, green, brown, white, gold and much more. We can even make a custom made barber chair for you on request - just get in touch.

friseurstuhl barber stuhl barber chair

Find the best barber chair for your barbershop

To give you a better impression of our barbershop chairs, we would like to briefly introduce you to some of the designs. Our Chester Oval is particularly popular. The aesthetic vintage barber chair is made of black leather and is broken up by subtle dark gray accents. The elegant frame is dark brown, while the backrest features striking buttons. You can have it customized with your own logo and also order a massage backrest on request. Another popular model is the Retroria gray. The name already reveals that this is a luxury retro salon chair. It has an adjustable backrest and a removable and adjustable headrest. Of course, this model also has a footrest. 

Frequently asked questions about the chairs for your barbershop furniture