Before my dad went to work it was usually very hectic, getting ready quickly, a quick cup of coffee and then he almost went out the door. But he took more time for a certain moment in the morning: He stood proudly in front of the mirror in the hallway, on his right arm was his “uniform” as he always called it. He put on his gleaming white jacket, closed the buttons, straightened the sleeves & gently brushed his hand over the embroidery: “John the Barber”. As he did so, his eyes sparkled with pride.

One day when I was a little older I asked him what made him so happy. He said, “Johny Boy, my uniform is just as important to me as his is to a cop. I am proud of my profession, our craft must be respected by our fellow human beings and also by us. I go to my barbershop every morning and do what I do best, this uniform shows the customers that I and my work are to be taken seriously. ”

Today we offer you your future uniform, which you should wear with as much pride as my dad, WEAR IT WITH PRIDE. We also have different “uniforms” for the different types of barbers and female barbers. Of course we can embroider them with your logos, names or slogans. It doesn’t matter whether you are the classic old school barber or the new school barber. Please stop using those droopy doctor or pharmacist coats that you order from the Internet that are not suitable for your profession.