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Hexagon Lightsystems

At John Barber & Sons we want to solve real problems with our performance line and continuously improve your performance. A problem that almost 99% of barbershops, studios & hairdressing salons have is poor lighting. Often times, when you rent a new spot, you decide against a good deal because there is not enough daylight. This problem is guaranteed to no longer exist.

Our detail lighting can be made to measure for your entire ceiling, so you will turn night into day. With our Performance Light System you can also equip your or a workplace with exactly the right amount of light. We developed the lighting systems for you together with our partners from Get-Bryghtz. And let’s be honest, this lighting system looks really cool too, of course!

Take a look at which lighting system suits you, if it should be a custom-made product, please write to us and we will make you an offer. Send us the dimensions of your ceiling. The construction is very easy and of course we are at your disposal as always with advice and action.

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LED light system square designLED light system square design
LED light system rectangle designLED light system rectangle design
LED Light System Panels X PatternLED Light System Panels X Pattern
Performance work light design 5.6x2.4mPerformance work light design 5.6x2.4m
RGB Performance Light System
RGB Performance Light System offerFrom €170,90
Performance Light SystemPerformance Light System
Performance Light System offerFrom €120,90