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Aircraft in the air

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The OvalThe Oval
The Oval offerFrom €1.489,00
Monaco Vintage RedMonaco Vintage Red
Monaco Vintage Red offerFrom €1.489,00
Monaco 80’s CreamMonaco 80’s Cream
Monaco 80’s Cream offerFrom €1.489,00
Oh BlackyOh Blacky Barberstuhl Barbier Chair
Giani Nostalgy men's barber chair barber chairGiani Nostalgy men's barber chair barber chair
Woodist offerFrom €1.489,00
Sherlock offerFrom €1.489,00
Museum offerFrom €1.489,00
Ice offer€1.489,00
Rozay offerFrom €1.789,00
Fly WhiteFly White
Fly White offerFrom €1.789,00
Fly RedFly Red
Fly Red offerFrom €1.789,00
Neon Signs Logo & LetteringNeon Signs Logo & Lettering
Neon Signs Logo & Lettering offerFrom €280,00
Floor mat HALF CIRCLE Performance MatFloor mat HALF CIRCLE Performance Mat
Towels with your logoTowels with your logo
Towels with your logo offerFrom €90,00
Single WorkstationSingle Workstation
Single Workstation offer€3.000,00
Sink ColorSink Color
Sink Color offer€0,00
Classy Barber CoatClassy Barber Coat
Classy Barber Coat offer€49,90
Classy Barber Coat, Short SleeveClassy Barber Coat, Short Sleeve
Side Buttons Coat , short sleeveSide Buttons Coat , short sleeve
Zipper Coat, Short SleeveZipper Coat, Short Sleeve
Towels (without logo)Towels (without logo)
Towels (without logo) offerFrom €50,00
Performance Light SystemPerformance Light System
Performance Light System offerFrom €120,90
Doormat with your logo or desired motifDoormat with your logo or desired motif
Integrated grip for a strong hold.Integrated grip for a strong hold.
Gun Style Barber CombGun Style Barber Comb
Gun Style Barber Comb offer€12,90
BRIG 1.0 Barber breast pocketBRIG 1.0 Barber breast pocket
Workplace Safe GEAR LOCK with fingerprint lockWorkplace Safe GEAR LOCK with fingerprint lock
Awras offerFrom €1.789,00
Chercheur offerFrom €1.589,00
Custom ChairCustom Chair
Custom Chair offer€1.800,00
Double ChocDouble Choc
Double Choc offerFrom €1.489,00
Eye CandyEye Candy
Eye Candy offerFrom €1.489,00
Felix offerFrom €1.589,00
Fly BlackFly Black
Fly Black offerFrom €1.789,00
Furio offerFrom €1.789,00
Golden MemoGolden Memo
Golden Memo offerFrom €1.589,00
Hamptons offer€1.489,00
Jerome offerFrom €1.589,00
Le MeilleurThe best
The best offerFrom €1.038,00
Little John’s Blue & GoldLittle John’s Blue & Gold
Little John’s Blue & Gold offerFrom €789,90
Little John’s CopperLittle John’s Copper
Little John’s Copper offerFrom €789,90
Little John’s Dark SilverLittle John’s Dark Silver
Little John’s Dark Silver offerFrom €789,00
Little John’s GoldLittle John’s Gold
Little John’s Gold offerFrom €789,00
Monaco Mirage GreenMonaco Mirage Green men's vintage barber chair
Monaco VintageMonaco Vintage
Monaco Vintage offerFrom €1.489,00
Retoria Blue SkyRetoria Blue Sky
Retoria Blue Sky offerFrom €1.489,00
Retoria Gentle BlackRetoria Gentle Black
Retoria Gentle Black offerFrom €1.489,00
RetroriaRetroria Barber Chair Barber Chair
Ripped GuardianRipped Guardian Barberstuhl Barber Chair
Strawberry CheesecakeStrawberry Cheesecake Mens Barber Chair
Superlative offerFrom €1.789,00
Tesoro offerFrom €1.789,00
Tesoro CopperTesoro Copper
Tesoro Copper offerFrom €1.789,00
The Base BlackThe Base Black
The Base Black offerFrom €529,00
The Base BrownThe Base Brown
The Base Brown offerFrom €529,00
Pro Spray Bottle Water Sprayer Atomizer VaporizerPro Spray Bottle Water Sprayer Atomizer Vaporizer
The Wire BrownThe Wire Brown
The Wire Brown offerFrom €629,00
BoB Matte BlackBoB Matte Black
BoB Matte Black offerFrom €1.589,00
Retroria GreyRetroria Grey
Retroria Grey offerFrom €1.489,00
Retroria BrownRetroria Brown
Retroria Brown offerFrom €1.489,00
Barber Workstation DoubleBarber Workstation Double
Barber Workstation Double offer€5.700,00
Barber wash chairBarber wash chair
Barber wash chair offer€2.689,00
Real leather barber apronReal leather barber apron
Greyster offerFrom €1.489,00
Le GrandLe Grand
Le Grand offerFrom €1.589,00
Le ReineLe Reine
Le Reine offerFrom €1.589,00
Mythology BlackMythology Black
Mythology Black offerFrom €1.789,00
Ol TownOl Town
Ol Town offerFrom €1.489,00
Counter ReceptionCounter Reception
Counter Reception offer€1.450,00
AddOn offerFrom €4,90
Cape with your logo offerFrom €49,90
Bartöl 60mlBartöl 60ml
Bartöl 60ml offer€12,90
Hair Tonic 400mlHair Tonic 400ml
Hair Tonic 400ml offer€12,90
After Shave Lemon 200mlAfter Shave Lemon 200ml
After Shave Lemon 200ml offer€12,90(€6,45/100ml)
New School BrownNew School Brown
New School Brown offerFrom €989,00
Musterpaket - The Standard Care by John Barber & SonsMusterpaket - The Standard Care by John Barber & Sons
Barber Chair Upgrade Massage BackrestBarber Chair Upgrade Massage Backrest
LED-Lit Barber Mirror [180x100cm]LED-Lit Barber Mirror [180x100cm]
Barber Tool Organizer Barber Tool Organizer
Station mat barber silicone matStation mat barber silicone mat
RGB Performance Light System
RGB Performance Light System offerFrom €170,90
Plain BlackPlain Black
Plain Black offerFrom €669,00
The Wire BlackThe Wire Black
The Wire Black offerFrom €629,00
The Wire WHITEThe Wire WHITE
The Wire WHITE offerFrom €629,00
Tray trolleyTray trolley
Tray trolley offer€74,90
Social Cape CloakSocial Cape Cloak
Social Cape Cloak offerFrom €89,90
Mobile Barber Workstation "Rolling Station"Mobile Barber Workstation "Rolling Station"
Mobile barber chair incl.  headrestMobile barber chair incl.  headrest
The Base GrayThe Base Gray
The Base Gray offerFrom €529,00
Neon illuminated sign "Hoop" with your logoNeon illuminated sign "Hoop" with your logo
The Lost Tiffany - LIMITED EDITIONThe Lost Tiffany - LIMITED EDITION
LED Light System Panels X PatternLED Light System Panels X Pattern
LED light system rectangle designLED light system rectangle design
LED light system square designLED light system square design