Barbershop facility

Are you planning to open a hair salon? Let us help!

Hair salons have become an integral part of our modern lifestyle. Each individual is now very much aware of his or her appearance and appearance. And it definitely feels good to look good and get compliments a lot. If you are passionate about caring for people and you are planning to open a hair salon or barbershop, there are a few things you need to consider.

Hair salons or barbershops are the place where you can prove to people that they can always look good. It is a place where people come for self care and rejuvenation. Your hair salon or barbershop must therefore be extremely stylish, cozy and attractive. There can be no sign of desolation.

John Barber & Sons is a well established name in the salon industry. We have been offering exquisite barbershop and hair salon facilities for many years. Our products and services have evolved over time. We are up to date with the latest technology, and we also incorporate this awareness into our hair salon furnishings. Salon owners love our products because we consider their needs and expectations. We'll help you set up your salon and prepare it to greet your customers. Our high-quality firming salon furnishings are also very popular with our customers.

What sets us apart


At John Barber & Sons we have our own production base. Our specialist knowledge and our improved craftsmanship enable us to develop furniture for hairdressing salons of superior quality. Since we have our own production unit, we can keep the fees down. As a result, you get our services at a fairly fair price.


We deliver the finest equipment for hair salons. We use high quality materials for our products. We have exquisite craftsmanship that makes our products extremely attractive and popular with our salon owners.


Our hair salon facility is comfortable, innovative, trendy and stylish. They add to the aesthetic value of your hairdressing salon or barber shop. These products are very elegant and make your salon look appealing.

Attractive discounts and low prices

Because we are the original equipment manufacturers for hair salon furniture, we can offer our products at extremely competitive prices.

We do not compromise on the quality of these products. If you buy from us in large quantities, you will receive attractive discounts on your orders.

Our products define the perfect blend of comfort and style. We improve the look of your hairdressing salon with our trendy and classy products. Get in contact with us for a lucrative offer!