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About us

As a child, John wasn't necessarily the stylish kid with the latest clothes or toys, but he was cool and there was a very specific reason for that: his hairstyle was always right and cooler than anyone else's, because John's dad was a real barber. They always called him "John, the barber's son", because that's how he was known, which John do you mean? John Barber! John loved to watch his dad, after school he went to his dad, sat on one of the free barberchairs and watched him, it was his favorite place, he spun, talked to his dad and even did his homework on the chair... sometimes he even fell asleep in the chair.

If you asked John back then what was more comfortable – a bed or a barberchair, he would choose the barberchair. That was his life, his father was his hero, to carry on the craft and tradition of the barbers, his destiny...

"John Barber isn't just a brand or a business, it makes things happen, it's passion."