Name: Jerome Kantner // Barber J.
Barbershop: Barber J. in Mainz
Barber since: 1986

“Turn your passion into art, and yourself into a work of art!”

If the heart’s blood is pumped to the tips of your fingers in 4/4 time and your pulse then directs the knife and the trimmer, then you know that your profession is a calling! Barber – for me it’s a way of life. The perfect symbiosis of real craftsmanship, art and rock ‘n’ roll. With my job I don’t just live my creed, my job is my creed and that means “freedom”. The freedom to live as I want and to do what I love. And I prefer nothing more than to transform hair into something very special: optimize classic men’s haircuts. Perfect the shave. And shape a fuzzy beard through my accurate eye and fine-grained fingers. I am not just passionate about my work, I celebrate it: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And I never stand still.

Signature Edition by Jerome Kantner

My barber chair attracts everyone’s attention due to the extraordinary color combination of rich Adriatic blue and coppery rose gold. The interplay of colors is anything but random. I live and love the barber lifestyle, and I’ve absorbed culture and style from that time into all the fibers of my body. The noble color combination of my barber chair reflects the new lifestyle of the 50s: new beginnings, modernity and joie de vivre.
As opposed to the colors, their meaning is perfectly connected for our customers, and of course also for us barbers: copper promotes the sense of beauty and aesthetics, blue has a stress-relieving and harmonizing effect. My logo rounds off the barber chair’s philosophy in a natural way: a classic pin-up girl who is skillfully staged in front of a kidney table.
We stage our customers in my chair. We make sure that he feels unique and leans back completely relaxed, while he can fully enjoy the individual service of the barber.